Chaplain Marjorie Miles is first and foremost a child of God, and called to the ministry of chaplaincy. She knew at an early age that she had a spiritual assignment to fulfill. However, as many young people, she was not aware of how to accomplish what seemed an insurmountable  task until her mother directed her to the family bible. And, this is where her spiritual journey began.

Chaplain Miles served 26-1/2 years as an employee with the Department of Defense.

After retirement, she began a journey of higher education and was graduated from the United Theological Seminary and Aspen Christian College and Seminary. She has two bachelor's degrees, two master's degrees and a PhD in Urban Ministries. She is also a professor of chaplaincy and board member of Aspen Christian College and Seminary.

She is the founder of Just A Touch International Ministries that include serving the elderly; a nationwide prayer band for mothers; Women of Grace, an international ministry for women; and Noonday Whisper Prayer that meets each Wednesday for one hour.

Aside from Just A Touch International Ministries, Chaplain Miles both works and / or leads many other ministries such as:

  • Grace Evangelic Ministries, Denver County Jail;
  • Daughters of Dorcas Sewing Group;
  • Ancient Path Relaxing Product (her business);
  • Haiti Ministries Outreach;
  • Taste of God's Love Homeless Feeding; and
  • The St. Andrew's Outreach.

She is a wife, a mother, a grandmother; and an ordained daughter of the Most High God, Spirit-Midwife and Mentor.