A 40-Day Practice for Lent

Adopted from William Arthur Ward

I fast from judging others. I feast on beholding the Christ in them.

I fast from emphasis on differences. I feast on the oneness of all life.

I fast from apparent darkness. I feast on the reality of light.

I fast from thoughts of illness.  I feast on the healing power of God.

I fast from words that pollute. I feast on phrases and purify.

I fast from discontentment. I feast on gratitude.

I fast from anger. I feast on patience.

I fast from pessimism. I feast on optimism.

I fast from worry. I feast on divine order.

I fast from complaining. I feast on appreciation.

I fast from negatives. I feast on affirmatives.

I fast from hostility. I feast on nonresistance.

I fast from bitterness. I feast on forgiveness.

I fast from self-concern. I feast on compassion for others.

I fast from anxiety. I feast on eternal truth.

I fast from discouragement. I feast on hope.

I fast from facts that depress. I feast on thoughts that uplift.

I fast from suspicions. I feast on truth.

I fast from shadows of sorrow. I feast on the serenity of silence.

I fast from problems that overwhelm. I feast on the power of prayer.

And now in the silence of prayer, I rest.

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